Office lighting solutions

Hawtin Electrical specialise in office lighting solutions across Oxfordshire. Office lighting needs to be energy efficient, kind on the eyes and look great.

Utilising LEDs and smart technology can aid in an effective lighting solution. Your employees deserve to work in a well-lit environment which enhances their workday. Working in a dull, poorly lit space will be reflected in the employee’s day-to-day performance. To avoid this, you need a professional lighting electrician with experience working within offices and other commercial premises.

Commercial remedial works following an EICR

Has your commercial premises just received a failed EICR? If so, you will need to arrange remedial electrical work as soon as possible.

You should use an experienced commercial electrician – they will understand the urgency and will prioritise each individual fault correctly. 

EICRs – how are they assessed? 

For businesses an EICR is generally required every five years and every 3 for industrial sites. When the electrician is conducting the EICR – they will look at:

A Guide to Industrial EICR’s

An EICR inspection is essential to fulfilling your legal obligations and in ensuring the continued safety of your staff and visitors at your Oxfordshire industrial premises. 

Hawtin Electrical are your local, experienced industrial EICR electrician in Oxfordshire. We have put together this brief guide to industrial EICR’s to help answer all your questions and tell you more about your EICR inspection.

Commercial Electrical Installations

Commercial electrical installations are the essential electrical infrastructure of your Oxfordshire commercial premises.

Consisting of your lighting, power distribution and safety systems, they are the key electrical systems and components that keep your business running. When planning any new commercial electrical installation, it is important to choose a commercial electrician who has the skills and experience to bring your project to life.

What is remedial work & Why does your business need it?

Remedial works are commonly required after an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report). 

By law your business must have an EICR carried out by a qualified electrician every 5 years. Hawtin Electrical are based in Oxford and serve the surrounding areas. Our commercial electrical services include EICR’s and follow up remedial works. If your commercial premises does require some remedial work, the level of urgency will be outlined within the report provided by your electrician.

Do Commercial Properties require an EICR?

All commercial properties require an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report).

Under the Electricity at Work Regulations the business owner or landlord of any commercial premises in Oxfordshire and indeed across the UK, has a legal obligation to ensure the safety of the users of their property. One of the ways the electrical safety of a commercial property is checked is with a 5 yearly EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) inspection.

Domestic electrician near me

If you find yourself searching for “electrician near me” or “electrician in Oxford” on google, save yourself time and energy and choose a respectable electrician like Hawtin Electrical.  

Hawtin Electrical are your local domestic electricians providing quality electrical services to homeowners across Oxford. Hawtin electrical are NICEIC approved contractors and domestic installers meaning your Oxford property will be in more than capable hands. We are also proud members of Which? Trusted Traders which provides you even more peace of mind.