Office lighting solutions

Hawtin Electrical specialise in office lighting solutions across Oxfordshire. Office lighting needs to be energy efficient, kind on the eyes and look great.

Utilising LEDs and smart technology can aid in an effective lighting solution. Your employees deserve to work in a well-lit environment which enhances their workday. Working in a dull, poorly lit space will be reflected in the employee’s day-to-day performance. To avoid this, you need a professional lighting electrician with experience working within offices and other commercial premises. If you’re office is based anywhere within Oxfordshire, we can help you! 

LED office lighting

You’ve probably heard the benefits LEDs provide but how great are they really? Well, this might surprise you – LED bulbs use at least 75% less energy than traditional forms of lighting. LEDs also last much longer…25 times longer to be precise. By upgrading to LEDs, you will also be dramatically reducing your businesses carbon footprint – something we are all eager to do. Furthermore, each LED bulb is likely to save you around £13 each year. An office full of LEDs could reduce energy bills by up to 80%!

LEDs & eye strain

Office workers can unfortunately struggle with eye strain. Computer screens emit blue light which can cause visual discomfort. With LEDs you can choose a comfortable colour temperature which is kinder on the eyes. Instead of a cool white try opting for a warmer tone instead. Our electricians consider all aspects when installing lights within an office. The right placement of LED lights can also help to reduced visual discomfort making your workplace a more enjoyable and comfortable space to be. 

LED panel lighting

LED panel lighting is a common type of lighting used in office spaces. It provides overall, bright illumination perfect for people to focus on their tasks. LED panel lights dissipate very little heat, are mercury free and very durable. Maintenance level is low but over time the panel will begin to yellow. Here at Hawtin Electrical, Oxford we can upgrade your LED panel lights making your office space more aesthetically pleasing. Fancy something different? We can also fit edge lit framed panels for a more modern touch. 

Lighting levels in offices

The recommended lighting level for general office spaces is anywhere from 300 – 500 lux. The Workplace Regulations Act 1992 states that every workplace should have suitable and sufficient lighting. Meeting this lighting level requirement will mean your workplace is fully compliant under law. Your employees will appreciate adequate lighting as well as any visitors to your workplace. 

Commercial lighting electrician in Oxfordshire 

Could your office benefit from a lighting upgrade? Contact Hawtin Electrical, Oxford today. Our professional team of commercial electricians can provide you with an effective lighting solution which benefits your employees and budget!