Commercial remedial works following an EICR

Has your commercial premises just received a failed EICR? If so, you will need to arrange remedial electrical work as soon as possible.

You should use an experienced commercial electrician – they will understand the urgency and will prioritise each individual fault correctly. 

EICRs – how are they assessed? 

For businesses an EICR is generally required every five years and every 3 for industrial sites. When the electrician is conducting the EICR – they will look at:

  • The age & quality of the installation
  • Who is using the installation & how often
  • If & how often the installation is maintained 
  • Guidance set by the manufacturer

Failed EICR – The next steps

Before we get into what commercial remedial work actually includes, let’s start at the beginning and look at common faults which result in a failed EICR. Any fault noted as either a C1 or C2 needs immediate attention. A C3 code should also be looked at promptly. Some common failures can include: 

  • Unsafe or lack of earthing
  • Outdated wiring
  • Faulty sockets
  • Inadequate RCD protection
  • Open & short circuit faults 
  • Voltage issues
  • Electrical system failure

Don’t panic!

Sometimes unexpected faults can occur which can be a bit of a shock. Especially if you pride yourself on proper electrical checks as and when is advised. If you have just received a failed EICR result, don’t panic. Your EICR electrician will outline the results ensuring you fully understand the urgencies and priorities. As long as you arrange remedial work as quickly as possible you shouldn’t have a problem. 

Remedial electrical work for businesses 

Remedial electrical work for businesses and commercial premises can include:

  • Replacement of electrical installations which are damaged or faulty
  • Wiring upgrades or replacements
  • Upgrading earthing & fitting RCDs

Essentially any part of your electrical system which is deemed unsafe needs to either be repaired or replaced. This all links back to electrical compliance. 

Electrical compliance

As business owners, you have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace. This includes the electrical system. Electrical compliance should be taken seriously – it limits injuries in the workplace caused by faulty electrics, these injuries can be fatal and so should be avoided at all costs. Non-compliance with electrical regulations and safety standards can result in rather large fines, or worse, prosecution. 

Remedial work for businesses in Oxford

Just been presented with a failed EICR? Contact Hawtin Electrical today. Our experienced team of commercial electricians specialise in remedial work for all types of businesses based here in Oxfordshire. Let the professionals handle it safely and efficiently, from start to finish.