As electricians (or indeed a trades person) we have to learn skills to undertake our job. Historically the way electricians market themselves is to list an equal amount of services we offer. The definition of an electrician according to the dictionary is “a person who installs and maintains electrical equipment”

As we know this is really quite vague and we don’t all cover all sectors of the industry. Looking at this from a business growth point of view, marketing ourselves that we do “everything” is never a good idea. Being so general in the services you offer will have a negative effect on your business to the point that you could appear to be a “jack of all trades”. By marketing yourself and your business in this way could undervalue yourself and the industry as a whole.

One of the many effective strategies that I teach and promote is to promote and market your specific niche. This should not just be what you do best but what you also enjoy the most. Let’s face it, wouldn’t we all want to be paid well for a job that we love to do?

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Well, by implementing this in your marketing, along with many other factors that I will be covering in further articles, you really can get the sort of work that you prefer, be recognised as a professional and be valued for what you do. We didn’t spend years training and learning our trade just to be undervalued did we?

This is a job for you to promote and educate your clients and local people. This can be done in many ways. For example: Leaflets, Social Media, your website. I can’t stress enough how important it is to make it very clear what it is that you do. By doing this, organically over time you will get less and less calls for the work you don’t want and more and more calls for the sort of work that you do want. You will also be recognised for what you do and you can begin to put a higher value on it.

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