Extractor fan installer in Oxford

As winter is in full force, many of us are battling condensation and damp. This is heightened by the energy crisis, as cold homes mean moisture is sticking around a lot longer. If this sounds familiar, it might be worth having an extractor fan installed in your kitchen and bathroom. Hawtin Electrical are your local extractor fan installers in Oxford.

What is an extractor fan?

Extractor fans are used to protect the rooms in your home that create the most moisture, so bathrooms and kitchens. The fans add extra ventilation to prevent condensation and damp. Extractor fans are even more important if you have a bathroom with no window as the moisture has nowhere to go and will settle in places you don’t want. Without proper ventilation, your home is protected against damp. Damp is very dangerous and is extremely hard to remove once settled. If not prevented or treated, damp can lead to mould and rot which can bring horrid smells, stains and affect your health quite badly. Whether you’re looking to replace an old extractor fan or install a new one, Hawtin Electrical in oxford can help.

Types of extractor fans:

Wall fans – wall extractor fans are of course installed within your walls and create an opening from inside your house to outside for ventilation. A very cost friendly option and are quick to install.

Ceiling fans – these types of fans are most suitable for rooms upstairs like bathrooms. The fan runs up from your ceiling straight into your loft and out an external vent.

Window fans – these are less popular as the window needs a hole to be cut through for the fan to be installed within. However, they are just as effective and may suit your bathroom or kitchen if accessibility is limited.

Other things to consider:

Quality – higher quality fans will be more expensive but will be more durable and will look better if that’s a concern.

Size – depending on the size of the room that needs ventilation, you may require a bigger fan. A small bathroom fan will not provide enough ventilation for a bigger extension size kitchen.

Turning on & off – some fans can be powered at the same time when switching the light on. These can have advantages and disadvantages. If your forgetful it might be a good option however if it’s an en – suite and you’re just using the loo, it may wake your partner next door. We can of course install a separate power switch.

Wiring – when installing the extractor fan, existing wiring may have to be replaced depending on the condition and location. Hawtin Electrical in oxford will always provide a detailed overview of what work needs to be carried out for the fan to be installed.  No surprise costs!

It’s also worth noting that after the installation there may be some finishing touches required like re painting and plastering.

Extractor fan installation in Oxford

Hawtin Electrical are on hand to provide your oxford property with proper ventilation, if your home is in need of an extractor fan installed, please get in contact today!